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Construction app development

Take advantage of the current digital wave with a bespoke mobile app for your construction enterprise

Nowadays, a construction company can simplify the communication with its clients due to innovative software development solutions. Our team of mobile app developers has a deep knowledge about the construction industry, which lets them create apps that ensure a high level of customer service. The apps developed by us are a powerful tool which allows you to showcase projects, offer virtual tours to your clients, and convince them to buy properties. We will help you streamline business operations, increase revenues and improve online visibility.

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Why us?

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On-time delivery

We understand that your time is precious, that’s why meeting delivery requirements is our priority. It helps us strengthen relationships with our customers and increase the level of trustworthiness.

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High end quality

We do continuous work to improve design, functionality and performance of the app. We create clean and modern interface design and do UX testing on real users. Client’s satisfaction depends of the qualitatively developed mobile app.

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Budget-friendly packages

We respect our clients’ budget and provide construction app development services at reasonable prices. Moreover, we create custom offers which totally meet business requirements.

Key features of a construction app


Good image resolution


Search options


Push notifications


User feedback


Discover unlimited possibilities for your enterprise

Construction companies provide a wide range of services, and the criteria for choosing them remains the same: quality of work, cost of services, and transparency. A mobile application for a construction business is a crucial tool that allows customers to quickly evaluate a company. Many construction companies have been able to improve efficiency, quality and productivity in the workplace through the integration of smart tools. It turns out that digitization affected positively the construction industry, by offering unmatched opportunities for real estate business:

  • Real-time analytics - due to mobile apps, managers can use real-time reporting tools on their phones to get updates on different issues, team productivity, and project costs. This will help managers implement necessary improvements in order to take immediate action on key issues.
  • Fast reporting - you can collect important data with the help of mobile apps. It leads to a significant productivity raise and contributes to saving a lot of money and time.
  • Easy payments -  construction mobile apps give you the possibility to quickly generate invoices in real time. Due to cloud-based functionality mobile app invoices can be sent immediately from the phones of the field workers to the billing system.

The availability of monitoring and ordering services ensures a high level of customer confidence. If you are an owner of a construction company looking to raise efficiency, optimize costs, and increase sales, we are here to help you! Our team created a variety of construction apps which are a great foundation for huge growth and productivity.


Explore our portfolio full of exceptional projects created with passion for our amazing customers.



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Frequently asked questions

In order to help you make the most-informed decision, here are common questions our customers ask us.

What should I look for in the Supernova team?


Our team of specialists has strong technical capabilities and deep construction industry knowledge. We know exactly which are the most important features needed for a modern construction app. During our activity, we met the expectations of clients we have worked with before.

How will I update the content in my mobile app?


Once you have a mobile app, you will need to permanently update your content and make improvements in the app. Our team creates apps on a content management system which is user friendly and easy to use. We will provide you with full support and the necessary access.

How will my construction app be maintained after launch?


After we launch your app, we will make various updates, fix bugs, add new features, and improve functionality. We pay continuous attention to construction app in order to maintain it on the competitive market. Also, we will monitor analytics and identify areas which need improvements. It helps us to determine how to expand your app to optimize lifetime value.

How much does it cost to create a construction app?


The cost to create an app depends on a variety of factors such as project size, features, number of pages, and technical functionality. Our prices are different for everyone. We can create a custom offer based on your requirements and which will fit your budget. You are welcome to fill out the form providing details and we will send an offer to you.

Which services are included in a construction app development?


Analysis - we investigate your competitive position on the market, and implement the best solutions which fit your business needs.

Design - we create the best user experience by implementing the latest ecommerce trends, creative ideas and strong knowledge.

App development - our team of developers code your app, by writing clean and bug-free code on frontend and backend.

Testing - before we release the app, we test it on different devices to ensure a high quality of the final product. 

Maintenance - we offer further support and recommendations based on your feedback.

What will I get at the end of collaboration with Supernova?

  • Custom and bug-free construction app
  • Fully responsive mobile app on any device
  • The ability to add new features
  • Content management system
  • Fully modular, testable and maintainable code
  • Future professional maintenance and recommendations

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